Who we are

We are a coalition of over 2,200 organisations around the world who are committed to fighting for a better future.

By working together at critical decision-making points in 2015, we ensured world leaders felt the pressure of millions of people to make 2015 a year of action and change.

Find out what organisations in your country campaigned for change with action/2015.

With 31 million campaign actions taken in 157 countries, action/2015 was a massive global movement for change – the biggest-ever of its kind.

Together, through the millions of actions we took, we:

  • Showed that the Global Goals for Sustainable Development and the Climate Agreement have a real public constituency behind them. The 30 million actions taken across the year showed that the Global Goals for Sustainable Development and Climate Agenda are the people’s goals and agreements. Together we’ve made it clear that world leaders and the UN are accountable to us.
  • Brought news of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development and the Climate Agreement to millions of people and highlighted how the core issues of our time – poverty, inequality and climate change – are interlinked. Addressing climate change, and ending poverty and inequalities are two sides of the same coin. We can’t deliver sustainable development without tackling climate change, and we can’t tackle climate change without addressing the root causes of poverty, inequality and unsustainable development patterns.
  • Brought together diverse communities – from development, to climate, to human rights – to campaign together for change. Action/2015 built on different sectors’ expertise, reach and resources to prove the breadth and depth of public concern for ambitious action to tackle climate change, poverty and inequalities. These relationships, built during the campaign, will strengthen the ability of civil society – including local communities, faith groups, trade unions and non-governmental organisations – to hold leaders to account.

In 2015 we came together around a shared agenda.







World leaders must now show ambition and turn the commitments made in 2015 from a piece of paper into reality for millions of people around the world.


To learn more about what the action/2015 achieved and review the lessons learned and recommendations from the campaign, please review the evaluation report and executive summary of the campaign.